Best Gaming Monitors: There are several gaming monitors in the market. If you are planning to buy one it is the tough task that takes a lot of your effort and time. So here we have pulled up some of the Best Gaming monitors under 200 that gives you a smooth gaming experience. You do not have to get frozen in the middle of the game with slower visuals appearing on the screen. Take a look at the best gaming monitors for you.

Check the Best Gaming Monitors of 2017:

Dell UltraSharp U3415W

Price: Rs. 113,118.00 / Amazon

This is a Curved Monitor 3440×1440 34 inches IPS inches that provide more connectivity features that enhance your viewing experience this lists under Affordable Laptops For Graphic Design. Ports include Mini DisplayPort and HDMI 2.0 that allows you to connect your Smartphone too. You can multitask without any interruptions and manage content with one keyboard, one mouse, and two PCs. It can be adjusted like tilted vertically for the vertical view and has tilt and swivel options.

Asus ROG Swift PG348Q

Price: Rs. 149,990.00 / Amazon

The Asus Swift PG348Q Curved Gaming Monitor features ultra wide 34 inches IPS panel with 3440×1440 with Nvidia G-SYNC technology for the seamless gaming experience. The Asus QHD panel with 109 ppl has 21.9 aspect ratio with 100Hz refresh rate allows for smooth gaming without blocks or jerks. Moreover, it comes with 35% free desktop space allows you to go through other applications to carry on work.

LG Ultrawide Full HD 34UM67  

Price: Rs. 58,604.00 / Amazon

This screen measuring 34 inches UltraWide with an aspect ratio of 21:9 comes with FreeSync that allows for seamless gaming experience even in 3D MMORPG. There is no need to experience stuttering while playing heavy duty games without upgrading your graphics card too. Catch the real-time moments of the action and defense games. Note: FreeSync is available only when connected with Display Port.

BenQ RL2455HM RTS Mode

Price: Rs. 14,279.00 / Amazon

The BenQ Gaming Monitor features a Flicker-free Technology for visual comfort especially for those who are glued to long gaming hours. The 24 inches gaming console fine tunes the monitor to suit the maximum RTS gaming through exclusive RTS Mode. Coupled with Black eQualizer it enables the gamer peak visibility in dimmer areas from where the enemy can approach. It is present but available in two modes: RTS 1 for StarCraft II & RTS 2 for Dota II.

Acer XR341CK bmijpphz

Price: Unavailable

This 34 inches Acer XR series with curved IPS panel and QHD Resolution features Aspect Ratio 21.9 gives you the best gaming experience. Other highlights are picture –in-picture display, 6-axis color adjustment, and DTS Sound. It boasts of 100% sRGB and provides greatest gaming and entertainment taking multiple monitor viewing to a whole new level. It is AMD Freesync certified with fast refresh rates due to its Adaptive -Sync technology.  This monitor is not just good for video but audio too with inbuilt 7W DTS Sound speakers. It takes gaming to a whole new experience with its buzzing speed sounds and crashing glass sounds.