First of all, thank you for dropping by at our site, and we are glad that you’re interested to find out more about who we are! Well then, we are a team of SEO practitioners who have been doing SEO for our own websites for about a decade. With some success stories in our bags, we then venture into helping local businesses with traffic strategies.

Of all the services that we provide, including Social Media, Video Marketing, Pay Per Clicks, and many other traffic generation methods, we believe that Search Engine Optimisation services are what small and medium sized businesses demand the most and with my links management review you will also find them useful.

What is the need of Choosing a Good Pr, Dr For Buying Backlinks

Because of this reason, we have decided to extend our services to help people internationally, instead of only focusing on our local market.

The higher the Page Rank (PR) of the page your backlinks are built on, the more powerful that link is for its Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) purpose. Google and other search engines operate in favour of backlinks originating from sources with higher PRs.

PRs are scaled from the lowest extreme of 0 to the highest extreme of 10. Although it should be analysed and judged as such, reality is, there aren’t a lot of pages with PR 10. At least, the number of PR 10 pages, to my best knowledge, have not exceeded the count of 20 across the entire Internet.

Therefore, pages with PR 5 – 7 would be considerably high, although PR 5 seems to be just about average on the Google’s scales. To share my personal experiences, I build links only on websites with PR 6 and above. I would add in a mix of PR 5 backlinks from time to time, but I’ve seen tremendous successes with sites containing backlinks that are built on PR 6+ alone.

Personally, I avoid building links on sites with PR less than 5, because I believe that they are merely a waste of time.

Here’s the pricing structure for PR 5 – 7 backlinks:


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